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  • Must-Stay Hotels In Hawaii

    The Surfjack Hotel + Swim Club First up, this super trendy boutique hotel has us wishing it was time for our next stay-cation. Located in Waikiki, ...
  • Should We Hop On The Apple Cider Vinegar Bandwagon?

    I'm sure we've all seen the ACV trend online, but I've always wondered if the commitment is worth it. It actually made it onto Google's "Year in Se...
  • I’ve Got 99 Problems And The Sun Is Definitely One

    Regardless of the risks our dermatologists consistently highlight (as well as what our mothers taught us growing up), many of us remain active su...
  • The Ohia Tree: Waiakea Employees Volunteer To Protect this Sacred Species of Hawaii

    The Hawaiian people began their unique and deeply interconnected relationship with nature back in ancient times. It was then that Mother Earth...
  • Homemade Activated Charcoal Lemonade

    Activated charcoal is a deeply trusted and entirely natural detoxifying remedy that has been used for centuries in Chinese and Ayurvedic Medicine...
  • Get a Free Case of Waiakea by Referring 2 Friends!

    Want a free case of Waiakea? It's easy! Refer 2 friends and once they make a purchase, you get a free case of Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic wate...
  • What is rPET?

    Introduction Free water bottles are a thing now. It seems like someone at every conference, fitness class, or speaker series is handing you...
  • Bottled Water Delivery: 5 Things that Differentiate Great Bottled Water from Bad

    Choosing a bottled water delivery service for your home or office can be confusing; too many options and not enough time. Often, people will fi...
  • Win A Trip for 2 to Hawaii

    Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water wants to send YOU to the Big Island this summer! That means airfare for two to Hawaii, a four night’s stay at...
  • Pineapple Jack-o-lanterns

    When it comes to Halloween, why do pumpkins get to have all of the fun? We decided to skip the traditional jack-o-lantern and show pineapples ...
  • Swimming for Syria: Icon of Hope at the 2016 Olympics

    Representing your country at the Olympics is an incredible accomplishment for an athlete, but when your country is torn apart by war, making it thi...
  • Big Island Travel Tips: Go Local

    The Big Island of Hawai'i is the land of fiery volcanoes, secluded waterfalls, snowcapped mountains, rainforests, volcanic-black sand beaches,...

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