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  • Back to Basics for Earth Day

    Mālama i ka 'āina means "to respect and care for the land." As Hawaiians, we are responsible for protecting and conserving the environment and its resources through sustainable practices. Waiākea takes this responsibility seriously, not just for Earth Day, but every day.
  • Is Waiākea Water Really From Hawaii? YES.

    We get this question a lot: Is Waiākea Water really from Hawai'i? The answer is, 100% YES. Waiākea's home is in Hilo, Hawai'i, right on the Big Is...
  • Kōkua Initiative: What We Did in 2020

    Wow, what a challenge this past year has been. Amidst a global pandemic, the extreme circumstances we all faced and the emotional transitions of f...
  • Waiakea Ohana: Meet Coco Ho

    Meet Coco Ho–pro surfer, Honolulu native, and Waiakea's newest ambassador. We're so stoked to introduce you to the newest addition to our Ohana an...
  • Why Does Waiākea Taste So Good?

    Does all water taste the same? The short answer is, no. Many factors go into how water tastes, including its source, mineral content, purity, and ...
  • New Drop: Waiakea x MYSOLMAT Yoga Mat

    Our friends at MYSOLMAT inspire us to live with purpose, passion, and direction in everyday life through innovative and inspiring products and a c...
  • Kōkua Initiative: COVID-19 Relief in Hawaii

    For our readers who are familiar with our Kōkua Initiative, you'll notice that our volunteer efforts looked very different in 2020. In an effort t...
  • waiakea logo

    Reverse Osmosis, Vapor Distilled, Ionized, & Oxygenated Water: Is It Healthy?

    There are a lot of marketing buzzwords out there when it comes to how your bottled water is treated, processed, and purified. So what exactly does ...
  • The Illusion of Healthy Choices

    We all have choices. Some choices require us to be more thoughtful, such as when selecting a career path or life partner. Others perhaps are more...
  • You Eat Organic, So Why Are You Drinking Water Made In A Lab?

    You treat your body like the temple that it is, making sure to eat organic, healthy, and natural foods as much as possible. So then why would you d...
  • Hawa Ali: The Story of a Future

    Hawa Ali is a 50 year old woman from Mwalabu village. She represents a growing global network of people currently benefitting from the Pump Aid i...

    Coffee like no other…For a truly aromatic and taste-tingling sensation, cold-brew your morning coffee with Waiakea water! You may be wondering, “...

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